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Chatbot & Voice resources | NLU, Context, Rasa

What’s that? A curated list of voice and chatbot materials by me. If you’ve got...

2 minute read
Content Recommendations | Behaviour science, Tech, Voice

What’s that? A curated updating list of content recommendations by me. If you’ve got something...

1 minute read
Amazon Alexa vs. Google Assistant | Popularity Test (September 2018)

Amazon Alexa vs. Google Assistant, who is more popular? I took for a test the...

2 minute read
How to setup a comfortable Chatbot testing environment

How to setup a comfortable Chatbot testing environment I’m developing chatbots for some time, and...

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Amit Bendor

Entrepreneur and chatbot consultant, love creating and experimenting new things. Broad expertise, but mostly: Full stack bots development, Machine learning enthusiast (mostly NLP), Leader of The Israeli Bots community, Product management. Co-Founder and CTO @Gooster, the Intelligent Travel Buddy that will change the travel industry.