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Practical AI/ML Expert

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About Me

Amit Bendor

Entrepreneur and AI consultant, love creating and experimenting with new things. Helped 30+ companies to build successful products, data science departments and robust architectures. Broad experience in software and data science: Machine learning, deep learning, creative AI, recommenders, NLP & Chatbots, Podcasts, leadership, Product management. Head of AI @Artlist

My Skills

Main Languages

Python, Javascript, R

A.I. / M.L. frameworks

Vast background in NLP (Natural Language Processing) and NLU (Natural Language Understanding), Recommenders & Context management


Experienced with deployment of several projects on Cloud/Premises using state-of-the-art Technologies. E2E Consulting from Architecture to a working product

Featured Clients & Partners

Garmin Israel
Google Cloud


Aj Labs
AJ Labs (Consulting)
  • AI

Consulting for top companies around the world in various machine learning fields - natural language processing (NLP), Chatbots, Recommender system, Marketing predictions, Multimodal, AI search and Data science management

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  • Voice & Chatbot

The Farmster app and chatbot enables you to search produce near and far ahead of time and connect with new farmers at the touch of a button.

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Making Software
Making Software
  • Podcast

A podcast on software, data and AI. The most popular software Podcasts in Israel - 1st place in the HiTech podcast category 2020

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Gooster (Closed)
  • Chatbot as a service

Gooster lets you customize your very own hotel chatbot for your guests, powered by artificial intelligence and instantly via Messaging platforms or as a website widget.

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aj labs
Cloud AI
  • Directories

Discover, learn and compare AI & Machine learning APIs, services, and MLOps tools. For developers, data scientists, and even non-techy users.

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aj labs
  • Education

Open edx based online school for learning Arabic free

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aj labs
Israeli Bots
  • Community

The largest Chatbot community in Israel

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